Win Within The Shopper Cycle!

Posted by Jolanda Logan on Oct 25, 2016 2:07:08 PM

Your business' product is amazing and you wholeheartedly stand behind it, but can you honestly say it is being represented to it's full potential? When in the market for a certain product or service, it has never been easier to sort through the competitors to find one's perfect fit with search engines, review sites and direct comparison of brand websites. The Shopper's Cycle (Customer Purchase Funnel, Customer's Life Cycle, Purchase Cycle Funnel, etc.) goes round and round, repeating itself sometimes multiples times a day.

Sub categories of the cycle pictured happen when there are multiple levels of engagement and added consideration through advertising and impressions but more of that to come in a future blog!

Everyone is familiar with the "Shopper Cycle" whether you knew it had a name or not. This is the pre-purchase ritual we all go through before choosing the item we are purchasing, only after doing our due dilligence of course. Awareness ~ Consideration ~ Preference ~ Purchase. Then, only when the company and product have met or, even better exceeded the expectations of the consumer, will the last step be reached....Brand loyalty.

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SEO and Video

Posted by William Litwa on Oct 12, 2016 4:01:03 PM

So you've heard video is "great for your website." Ok, that's great. But beyond "getting people interested," how does it actually affect SEO? Did you know that just having video on your website will increase your number of visitors, even if they never watch it!? Crazy talk.

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