Cows are Camera Shy

Posted by Matthew Williams on Apr 5, 2016 10:05:29 AM

I have always had a long standing fear of cows. I mean why wouldn't you really? They weigh a TON, they deficate constantly and unpredictably, and who knows when they're going to decide they want to chase you through an open pasture with no place to hide! As a youngster I was chased by an angry cow in the mountains of Germany, just barely escaping with my life. And again in Wyoming while exploring the mountains and cliffs near my college town of Laramie. After these two harrowing experiences I presumed that cows had it out for me.

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Getting Lost, The Only Way to be Found

Posted by Grant Morris on Apr 5, 2016 10:01:09 AM

We talk a lot about our business on this blog in relation to how we tell stories through video and so on. We don't however, talk about the fact that we have a really strong understanding of who we are as people and as creatives. We believe that the only way to really know yourself, to truly be found, you must get lost.

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