Super Bowl LI Broadcast Ad Breakdown

Posted by Grant Morris on Feb 3, 2017 1:52:35 PM


If you're anything like me, you could give a half a damn about football, even though Boston's own New England Patriots and The GOAT himself, Tom Brady are gearing up to open a case of whoopass on those Dirty Birds from Atlanta. All the same, I'll carve out some time between my leisurely coffee sipping and New York Times reading and going to bed to watch, like about a third of America, this weekend's Super Bowl.

If you remember from a while back, I've already written a little bit about the costly business of buying broadcast ad time during major television events. 

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The Great Debate: Best Commercials

Posted by Grant Morris on Sep 27, 2016 10:32:28 AM

Just like you, I’m already sick and tired of this political cycle. But this post is not intended to get all political with you, but instead to discuss the amazing creativity that brands are illustrating in the face of one of America’s most divisive political seasons on record. Not to mention, the crazy money that gets spent, not just by candidates, but also by brands trying to snag a piece of the huge viewership that American politics can pull...

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