The Content Debate: Online Video Trumps Text

Posted by Meghan Desrosiers on Oct 19, 2016 10:00:00 AM

We're getting super excited about our upcoming presentations for the launch of our "Small But Mighty" product that caters to producing small business videos. So we wanted to start by educating our audience on the importance of a proper video marketing strategy, and the overall benefit of engaging video content. Last week, Will talked about why video is important for your SEO. This week, I'm going to throw some pretty hefty stats out there to exemplify why video has become the new king of content. 

Raise your hand if you've never watched a video online.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Not one hand went up. Don't believe me? I get it. These are hard times to trust everything you read on the internet, especially being in the midst of the most ridiculous Presidential election year most of us have ever witnessed. But one thing you can count on in 2016: if you can read it, you can watch it. 

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SEO and Video

Posted by William Litwa on Oct 12, 2016 4:01:03 PM

So you've heard video is "great for your website." Ok, that's great. But beyond "getting people interested," how does it actually affect SEO? Did you know that just having video on your website will increase your number of visitors, even if they never watch it!? Crazy talk.

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The Great Debate: Best Commercials

Posted by Grant Morris on Sep 27, 2016 10:32:28 AM

Just like you, I’m already sick and tired of this political cycle. But this post is not intended to get all political with you, but instead to discuss the amazing creativity that brands are illustrating in the face of one of America’s most divisive political seasons on record. Not to mention, the crazy money that gets spent, not just by candidates, but also by brands trying to snag a piece of the huge viewership that American politics can pull...

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VLOG #1 - Video Production Equipment

Posted by William Litwa on Aug 30, 2016 4:20:00 PM

So... yeah, our first vlog. You'd think as a video production company we would have done this sooner. But alas, we're a little late to the game.

Occasionally we get clients that "just need a camera person." It's true that some shoots can be handled by a single cam op, but often those clients just think they need one person. In reality, there's a lot more that goes into video production than you'd think. Could we show up with just an iPhone? Yeah. I doubt we'd get hired again, but we could do it. There's a reason we show up with as much as we do—we're not videographers, we're a production company. And with that comes a higher standard of quality.

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11 Myths That Can Sabotage Your Next Video Campaign

Posted by William Litwa on Aug 10, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Hi Readers,

I hope this doesn't sound like a generic post. It's from the heart. These myths are all related to real questions and issues we regularly face with clients here at New Sky Productions. We take our work seriously and take pride in what we do.

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#TBT The Farmers Dinner Web Video

Posted by Grant Morris on Aug 4, 2016 10:00:00 AM

#TBT (Throw Back Thursday) is a monthly column written by your best friend and fellow handsome guy, Grant Morris. Sit back, put your feet up, and, perhaps have a cold berverage as he shepherds you down memory lane.

This month, I want to tell you about one of the most inspiring people that I'm lucky enough to call my friend. I don't remember how I met Keith Sarasin, but I'm sure it had something to do with a dating company he was running at the time. I wasn't a client, but I was a photographer at a newspaper covering a story. Geez, that must have been back in like...I don't know...2009? Keith will remind me later, I guess.

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Top 4 TVs for the Corporate Office (+ How to run video content on TVs)

Posted by William Litwa on Jul 22, 2016 11:11:03 AM

Are you looping video content in front of your customers? You should be. But what's the best TV to buy? The cheapest? Not always. There are plenty of tech blogs devoted to the latest and greatest TVs, but how many of them are devoted to what TVs to buy for the corporate office? At home, you want the best bang for your buck, emphasis on the bang. But at work, the emphasis is probably more on the buck, and 4k? Maybe a better idea to stay away from it!

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5 Key Elements to Building Your Web Presence

Posted by Meghan Desrosiers on Jun 29, 2016 10:00:00 AM

If you’re reading this blog, congratulations! You are on the internet! It’s where all the cool kids hang out, and anyone who doesn’t may as well not exist. While this might sound reminiscent of your high school days, the concept isn’t really that far removed. Cool stuff gets attention, and once the “cool” runs out, the attention is gone with it. And the last thing you want as a brand or business is to become yesterday’s news.

But what does it take to avoid such a tragic demise? The simplest place to start is to check off the basics.

Here are 5 fundamental factors to establish yourself on the web to ensure you don't end up

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Why Hard Drives are Ruining Your Life

Posted by William Litwa on Jun 22, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Welcome to my new #technology column! Are you a geek? Fan of Star Wars? Just looking for technology tips and trends for your business? You've come to the right place.

So.. Hard drives. They fail. A lot. Like, all the time. It's not just you—your luck isn't that bad. (Or maybe you're one of those lucky people that hasn't experienced this much? Oh, just wait... The hard drive fairy is coming for you next...) Hard drives have, on average, a 1 in 17 chance of failing in the first year. Those aren't good odds when your company's future is on the line.

Hard drives are a necessary part of life—it's where we keep everything from our most treasured memories to last year's expense report. It's not like we can just do without them. Or can we?

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#TBT - World Cup Golf Center TV Commercial

Posted by Grant Morris on Jun 16, 2016 2:25:10 PM

Welcome to the first of many Throw Back Thursday Posts to projects that we've done in the past! I've always believed that someone won't know where they are going until they've looked at their past, so this is our past! We begin our walk down memory lane with World Cup Golf Center.

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